Particular Moments

More Stars than There are

Month: May, 2017


                                          to cherish it is our only right

Compassion Only

“A heart does not break; it goes on beating.” 

—Dr. Joe Gallenberger.

Breaking Routines

Love our elliptic blue ball, its valleys of green and blue immense waters. Back to the beginning; senses renewed. Regain your true self one crisp sound at a time.

Taking It Chilled

We take our drinks Cold,
Icy and chilled,
So the Stench—

of stale tonics,
of each other’s true repulsive
Scents and Intents,

of our unfavorable Circumstances,
and of the futility
of it all

Can thoroughly
Escape our paralyzed


a night of passion strained and spent, and the sun rose, and painted it all

Silent Saviors

even in much direction-less times, there are those who come to aid with their calming whispers