It’s a bloodletting of the most vital and often unattended cardinal humor—

This site, one amongst the vast soup of that is the web, was initially found for purposes of leisure essays, poetry, and musings aimed to capture perspectives and sentiments that would hopefully resonate with any potential and very much welcomed (and deeply appreciated) reader.

The intended goal for this blog has not changed, however, since I do not write in seriousness as often as I should (due to a number of less provocative duties), this site has also been peppered with time-saving photography pieces that I wish readers may conveniently find pleasant to look at.

I am an individual, currently having involvements in academia and information technologies. I think I’m quite young and human. But sometimes I feel otherwise.

In my free time, I like to jot stuff down, discover and collect music, take walks, occasionally draw, and  sometimes fortunately travel.

Thank you for your time here 🙂

And remember to Be a Holder of Light.