Particular Moments

More Stars than There are

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Fall from within The Cave

is beauty more noticeable when it is rendered limited and incomplete—a tease?

American Gothic: Part 2

Baptized Lot of Metropolitan

It’s been raining all day here in my city; it’s nice to have these temporary periods of freezing but ultimately refreshing showers, as if nature is cleansing all of us in a preparatory ceremony of what’s ahead. Contrary to the conventional morose connotations associated with overcast days with incessant, chilling precipitation, I wish to persuade all of us to see it under a different light: Rain Excites; it dawns upon those who are willing the physical manifestation of inner tranquility, and rinses the once dried-up-tight knots of both the mind and body. Rain is a spiritual symbol of the meditative, altered state of mind, as well as the carrier of life. 


Sudden Up’s


Sun, Obscured

               how man obscures itself from the truth with all its constructs



                                            nothing so certain as rain

Wet Works



facing west in the late day

                                            facing west in the late day

American Gothic

or what's left of it anyway

                                              or what’s left of it anyway