Particular Moments

More Stars than There are

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American Gothic: Part 2



Some Lights


                                                  Are better left off


image image image

A bona-fide duo on a holiday gig.

Unseen Outtakes


            Even seemingly offhanded acts are laced with outtakes and retries

Floral Season: 1


Or is it? Are they simply, forcibly, and artificially alive for our pleasure?

I’m sorry; lately all I see is white in black, or vice versa.

When In Doubt: Part 2

No, think in Mono instead.

                                            No, think in Mono instead.

When In Doubt

Stop and think in Noir.

                                              Stop and think in Noir.

Severely Unrestrained

A Water Fountain

A Water Fountain

Not Much of Anything

Indelicate, Un-Rugged, Deformed, Clumsy, and Foolish.

                     Indelicate, Un-rugged, Deformed, Clumsy, and Foolish.