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Fall from within The Cave

is beauty more noticeable when it is rendered limited and incomplete—a tease?

September 26th, 2018

Cold breakfast on a damp carpet:
A poetic way to welcome the fall.

Glass panels stained with rain,
Obscuring the trees swaying outside—
Leaves in shades of tired green.

Open all the windows and swing your doors
Wide agape, so that chill winds could rush in

And cut across the bare skin—
Like glass.

A Final Passing

Progressively Lit

Lit_one Lit_two Lit_three

Slightly misaligned, but nonetheless an opportune catch.




in the dusk shadows

                                                in the dusk shadows

Solitary & Floral


                Overlooked wonder unjustly dwarfed by Bricks upon Bricks.

A Study In The Rain: Ripples & Textures



In Ease

In Ease

A Study In The Rain: Free Fall & Hue

fountain_2 fountain_1

Impossible to achieve a leveled plane

Impossible to achieve a leveled plane

All in all, the colors return.

Floral Season: 1


Or is it? Are they simply, forcibly, and artificially alive for our pleasure?

I’m sorry; lately all I see is white in black, or vice versa.