Particular Moments

More Stars than There are

Tag: frustration

getting even with madness

shadows crawling, sins go on repeating
as you scantily prop your back,
fighting cross-generational

years without Transcendence
or pure self destruction,
cut out from the fast and easy

do you find yourself now
so needlessly harsh,
morbidly crass;
so stubbornly brash?

would opening your skull,
and peeking in to
snap these tense cords
bring you final release?

mute screams, muffled
between inner ears
reverberate and

until we are nothing
but knots over knots:

finding ourselves
in a messy string.

But hey now---
hey now, hey now:

If we are so Lucky
as to
Carry On Living...

Grit your teeth!
trace the harder
route to Release---

Follow the timeless Patrons
of Form and Patience,

And all the while,


Plan with fervor;
Desist; Trample if you must---

but Do---
not try but do,

until chaos
becomes Peace.



“I can change,
I can change,
  I can change—

If it helps you 

to Fall in Love.”



Not Much of Anything

Indelicate, Un-Rugged, Deformed, Clumsy, and Foolish.

                     Indelicate, Un-rugged, Deformed, Clumsy, and Foolish.

Hard to Hold

Lamp Side Table

Some Nights

Lamp Side Table 2

What is there to hold

Unwillingness to claim us.

Talk To Get By

I am doomed to not know the Silence

That I desperately need to find—

Even in this strangely isolated, luxurious place,

There rings an irreducible noise in my head—


Which for most of the time,

Hums like a muffler,

Drowning out all the fine things

That could be otherwise verbalized.


But every now and then,

This Droning would up itself several notches,

And become various buzzings of the uttermost

Jarring and painful kind—


Rendering me handicapped,

So that I should Speak peculiar, alien sounds—


Impaired to divulge;

Failing miserably to even identify

What was it

That I originally intended to clarify.