Particular Moments

More Stars than There are

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A simple reminder — let your actions be guided by absolute intention. Have you forgotten your Purpose?

A walk and a song, before dawn

Every so often, you may find that
The humans, in their various manifestations
Of desires, vulnerabilities, shortcomings, and even
Hopefulness and Beauty ---

Are simply far
Too Heavy ---

You immerse in it, daily,
Like wading, knee-high, in an air
Filled by Molasses.

But every so rarely, you may discover
Creature companions of sorts, 
Whose dimensions only spare them
Very plain needs:

To eat, to drink, and if ever so lucky,
To wander and play, 
Mindlessly ---
Free from Love and Grief,
Free, in the absence of time,
Nowhere, and Everywhere.


“We had bush sweets; not sugar. Sugar made us weak.”

—a native Martu woman. 

Needs to Be Met

“Take care of your morals first, your health next, and finally your studies.”

—Theodore Roosevelt, Sr.