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Faith in Ideal


True divinity is the condensation of an universal, collective consciousness that is rooted in compassion, peace, and wisdom. The worshipping of such is silent and solitary, yet free from all self-serving ends. Each spiritual experience is personal, distinct from another, and should not be judged upon or meddled with—each soul ought to strive to become conscious of the divinity that is itself. 

Faith shall not be underlined by the conventional, repressive dogma that is advocated by manipulative creeds—no shrine or temple aspire to the process of mankind care-taking for nature, nor do they avert the human civilization from falling deeper into the de-evolutionary notions of oppression and power.

The divine comprises no absolute messiahs, instead, it constitutes an all reaching awareness that which rescues each being by inspiring it towards greater intents.

Feigned Virtues

You walk under a

Proud banner,

Convicted of your vast,

Good Kindness

That none shall conceive

With ease—


But who kills


Second thoughts?


“For they are vermin—

The slaughtering of whom

Is only justified”


You rationalize,

Carrying another banner

With your quick hands,

Not knowing

You are


Larger Vermin.



Inescapable lures;

Deflated mornings.


I’m afraid

That I shall never break free,

Uncuffed from crippling yearning,

Emancipated from the cage of

Forever falling.


Innocence besmirched

By those who criminalize,

Prosecute and Villainize

The conjured up,

Perverted me.



In blind contempt,

They know not

That I am Purity,


Too bright,

Too shrouded

For them to face

And realize.


Speaking with Peter

A Brother told me 

That He cared for 

Other people, and that

He wished to help them.


Though He a Brethren,

I could not believe Him.


Maybe it was because

He wore a passé 

Track jacket, and

Sweat pants full of lint. 


Or it could be that 

His face was covered in

A slew of horrid


Something that pegged Him

For a serial killer.


Or was it me,

Who is of little Faith,

Had simply refused to believe

Any Good?