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More Stars than There are

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Crisis in Barren Island

Scars that won’t heal
Pain that cannot absolve

What are you
But an empty crest of
Everything you once were?
Once immaculate, un-clever,
Never mutilated.

Seeking in despair
For sentience
From without—

Blinding lines of lyrics
Taking all your minutes, and
Countless, heart-wrenching
Silver-screen Plots,
Stealing away
All the hours—

Do you remember,
Or do you
Simply fall down low,
Once again,

When the Show’s over—

Still searching
Voraciously, tears lost—
No hindsights,
For the next wave
Of manufactured emotions?


“We had bush sweets; not sugar. Sugar made us weak.”

—a native Martu woman. 

Temporarily This Way


“Perhaps you thought you were in love—that was a long time ago.”

—Bond speaking to Severine.

By Choice Astray

The clockworks of the underworld

Are easy to know—


Fuel all doubts with

Adrenaline and ecstasy,

Place an elusive smirk

Across the cheeks,

And be prepared to do anything—


Beneath its apparent safety,

There lies the devil

Of doggy dog

Full of animal instincts;


Play nonchalant,

Relax the shoulders,

And enjoy the circus.


But keep your eyes


Ready two-plus ways out

Lest it begins to prowl.




The cheap tricks;

The toxified glee;

Milieus of afraid and dangerous



You know your ways around it,

Have seen the poor bastards

Who were forced to bleed.


You were never one of them,

But never were you

One among the survival creatures

Of the suicidal, daily Races.