Particular Moments

More Stars than There are

Tag: perspective


a night of passion strained and spent, and the sun rose, and painted it all

Sun, Obscured

               how man obscures itself from the truth with all its constructs

Where You Are, Not.

                           to get lost in something after a day of drudgery


facing west in the late day

                                            facing west in the late day

Rain Crossing


Some Lights


                                                  Are better left off

A Study In The Rain: Free Fall & Hue

fountain_2 fountain_1

Impossible to achieve a leveled plane

Impossible to achieve a leveled plane

All in all, the colors return.

Floral Season: 1


Or is it? Are they simply, forcibly, and artificially alive for our pleasure?

I’m sorry; lately all I see is white in black, or vice versa.

When In Doubt: Part 2

No, think in Mono instead.

                                            No, think in Mono instead.

Faith in Ideal


True divinity is the condensation of an universal, collective consciousness that is rooted in compassion, peace, and wisdom. The worshipping of such is silent and solitary, yet free from all self-serving ends. Each spiritual experience is personal, distinct from another, and should not be judged upon or meddled with—each soul ought to strive to become conscious of the divinity that is itself. 

Faith shall not be underlined by the conventional, repressive dogma that is advocated by manipulative creeds—no shrine or temple aspire to the process of mankind care-taking for nature, nor do they avert the human civilization from falling deeper into the de-evolutionary notions of oppression and power.

The divine comprises no absolute messiahs, instead, it constitutes an all reaching awareness that which rescues each being by inspiring it towards greater intents.