Magis Stellis

by herespang

What is past is prologue–

Yes, subsequent to the slow drift-away and eventual (and total) negligence of the previous online musing outlet, after what must have been an eternity (a year), I finally decided that it was crucial that I set out for another writing establishment in the great soup of the vast web.

So here it is, Vermis Meridiem–and some lyrics I just had the privilege of listening to:

                                Feeling the past moving in–

                                Letting a new day begin.

                                Hold on to the time that you know;

                                You don’t have to move on to let go.


                                Add to the memory that you keep,

                                By remembering when you fall asleep.

                                Hold on to the love that you know;

                                You don’t have to give up to let go.


                                Remember turning on the night,

                                And moving through the morning light.

                                Remember how it was with you–

                                I remember how you made me cool.