Walk The Talk

by herespang

Is there such a thing that is the epidemic of talking too much?

Pull any shrink out of the herd and he spills a bucket-full of opinions and ideas:


Christ, look at him, thinking he’s a real piece of work with his impressive¬†verbiage, fancying the things he’d likely never get a true grip on…since when, or has it always been, that an individual’s unsubstantiated fluff, as long as it sounds glib and looks sleek on the mere surface, is taken as an indication of decent, even amiable character?


What happened to the old fashioned virtue of reservation? The idea that genuine acclaim and affirmation is established not by one’s words, but by his/her undertaken actions? People at large make too many decisions about each other that are based solely on what they hear from their counterparts, impervious to the lamentable phenomenon that society has become not only tolerant of, but more so attracted to the rampant presence of fast-talkers and their empty quick wits.

Ask not for middlemen who’d rather draw a picture and think of all the good things that can be done, instead, take trust in those who dive steadily into the field without self-advertisement.