Swimming Bird, Misunderstand me Not

by herespang


I walk in a blindfold,

Most days

I do not save

What’s Right from foul.



I work in the Dark,

So my Callings

Never grow strong.


I am merely

A creature of stubborn habits,

Destroying the body

All year round.




Turn your back not.


As bare are these flaws,

Deformed is this bag

Of brittle bones

That scantly moves along—


Oh my Kin,

Brother and Sister,

Have Faith in me,

For my Compassion sits

Like an endless Well.


If thirst shall befall,

I will not

Let you down.


Confide in my Embrace,

Oh Love,

For I only write

Of Tenderness & Hope

In your song—


My affection is

A stream that runs

Forever long.


Won’t you see,

Swimming Bird?

You have

Gotten me

All wrong.