Sonnet of Lasting Sparks

by herespang

Let us love again,
And relive each other
This time,
As one matchstick
Gradually kindles another—

Such as yours—

For two simultaneous
Flames burning
Too close as one,

And too often,
Procures a radiance
Too headstrong
To perpetuate
And to prolong—

Why not let us ignite
Much of our
Unconsumed Love,
Starting only from
One end,
From one torch
At a time, and
Delivering each one
To the next, and
Unto the other—

Only sharing Fires
When the darkness
Gets too strong.

Hold our affection
In Savored rations,
And by embracing
The in-between
We cultivate slowly
A unbreakable bond

Then when our flames
Finally ebb
To the Ashes,
Crisp, fine,
And well done,

Will be

A story of Love

That stood
Life long
Against the cruel
Of Time.